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Stuffed Animal Plush * Pick Your Pup

Stuffed Animal Plush * Pick Your Pup


*Bastien the Bernese mountain dog | 9 inches stuffed animal plush puppy | By tiger tale toys.

Bastien was made to work on a farm, which is good because he very much enjoys farm life in his mountain home of Switzerland. Bastien herds cattle protect the livestock, and even pulls carts around the farm, as he can pull weights ten times his own!


*Gretchen The German Shepherd | 12 Inch Stuffed Animal Plush | By Tiger Tale Toys.

Gretchen has the very prestigious and important job of being a family dog, and she performs this job with gusto. She spends her days keeping watch over her family and their home, ensuring that no mischief arises. Gretchen is very bonded with her family, which is a trait typical for German shepherds, and is a reason that German shepherds have made great family companions for generations.


*Baxter The Boston Terrier | 12 Inch Stuffed Animal Plush | By Tiger Tale Toys. Baxter is a Bostonian, both in residence and in heritage. The Boston terrier breed was cultivated in the city of Boston, Massachusetts and was recognized as a breed in 1893. Baxter's positive attitude makes it so that he loves to meet new people and explore. In fact, his social nature and good demeanor as granted Boston terriers the nickname ""The American Gentleman".


-Soft plush fabric | Super cute | Comes comes with it's own little story -


**Recommended for ages 3+ | No phthalates, lead, BPA, or heavy metals | We have our products and components tested in accredited labs for compliance with CPSIA and ASTM F963-11 safety standards | Please hand wash with light soap and cold water and let air dry.


In stock at April's Whim by ViaHart Toy Co.

**VIAHART Toy Co. was founded in 2010 with a big idea and a single product.  We are headquartered in Texas from where we ship our products. Our products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the USA under our strict supervision.


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