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Butterfly Box Sticker Box

Butterfly Box Sticker Box

SKU: AWLEleBSt2021



Bring beauty to your life with this beautiful box of Victorian-era butterflies. We selected this offering of die-cut butterfly stickers from our treasured collection of Victorian scraps. Scraps, dating from 1880-1910, were enormously popular die-cut papers used to adorn scrapbooks. The color printing of this early form of the sticker was extraordinarily beautiful, which is especially fitting for these flying rainbows. Art and literature have long celebrated the butterfly for their beauty and symbolic power. This box contains twenty-nine different butterfly stickers that may be used to decorate scrapbooks, correspondence, notecards, journal, gifts, or wherever a butterfly seems appropriate.


Made by Laughing Elepant.

**Made In USA, Small Batch, Handmade, Women Owned, Eco Friendly.


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