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Capricorn Zodiac Perfumette Card Set

Capricorn Zodiac Perfumette Card Set

SKU: AWZP2021004Cp


Capricorn Zodiac Perfumette Card Set.


Gift mindfully with this cute Capricorn Zodiac Perfumette. Includes an intention mantra to help spread magical vibes and charm the air.

Capricorn zodiac perfume empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet. The cool citrus mirrors the iciness of this sign's winter season. Set a path to success with this earth sign's unwavering vibe.

Top: Japanese Yuzu, White Tea

Middle: Green Sage, Lavender

Bottom: Clean Musk


Birthdays: 12/22 to 1/19

Intention: Hustle

Size: .05 fl oz. | 1.5 ml. | 30 sprays.


Made by Zodiac Perfumery.

**Eco-friendly, Handmade, Organic, Women Owned, Small Batch, Made in USA, Not on Amazon.

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