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Everyday, Olive Squalane Skin Balancing Mask

Everyday, Olive Squalane Skin Balancing Mask

SKU: AWFT2021113



Everyday, Olive Squalane Skin Balancing Mask.


Mask daily with FaceTory's everyday series! Our plant-based masks contain natural ingredients and no artificial fragrance, making it the perfect daily mask for all skin types and different skin concerns.

Squalane is a light, rejuvenating, skin-balancing, and moisturizing oil derived from olives. This sheet mask is the perfect choice to help your skin feel renewed, healthy, and supple.


FaceTory says no to animal cruelty, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrance.


By FaceTory.

Launched in 2016 and based in California, FaceTory is one of the fastest-growing face mask brands in the U.S offering clean, fun and effective masks, free from all toxic chemical ingredients. Just Keep Glowing!

Made in Korea (South).

**Eco Friendly


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