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Feminist Candle Rose, Vetiver & Lavender Tealight Candle

Feminist Candle Rose, Vetiver & Lavender Tealight Candle


fem·i·nist /ˈfemənəst/ noun

1. an advocate of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes; a person who supports feminism."there are a million types of different women who consider themselves feminists but don't have the same agenda"

On International Women’s Day 2023, we are pleased to present our newest candle, FEMINIST.

The scent profile combines the scope of womanly power while incorporating energies of both the masculine and feminine.

The blend of Rose, Vetiver, Lavender and bit of FIRE are strong and powerful. We hope you find this formula to be empowering. 


**New larger tealight holders used, same amount of wax as other Raven's Hearth Tealight items!


Small Batch, made in Palm Springs, CA. USA.


Feminist, women, feminism, candles, crystals, metaphysical, lgbtqi+, small batch, soy candle, cruelty free, woman owned, handmade, hand poured, vegan



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