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Flower Essential Oil Diffuser

Flower Essential Oil Diffuser





Simply Earth's Flower Diffuser is a ceramic diffuser made out of natural material that does not require water or electricity to diffuse essential oils.

Not only is this a great, natural way to use essential oils, but it's also a beautiful decoration for any space!


How to Use Simply Earth's Flower Diffuser - 

Just add a few drops of any essential oil directly on top of the flower. The essential oils will naturally diffuse into the air. This diffuser is ideal for small spaces like an office or bathroom. Add more essential oil or change the essential oil you are using with the diffuser at any time. This is our go-to diffuser for testing new blends and enjoying aromas in our offices at Simply Earth! Safety.

Keep this diffuser out of reach from children and pets to avoid topical contact with essential oils.

By Simply Earth.

**Eco Friendly, Social Good, Handmade, Made in USA.

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