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Hand Shape Ceramic Vase

Hand Shape Ceramic Vase

SKU: AWbeTwHandV22



Mini Hand Shape Ceramic Vase | Ceramic Flower Pot | Flower Arrangement | Modern Decorative Ornaments | Decorative Planter | Fisting Vase Bottle mouth: 2.5x1.5cm Bottle bottom diameter: 7.8 cm Height :23.5cm

✔️ Decorative Flower Vase - Special hand shape design style. This hand shape vase made with high quality ceramic, this will definitely boost the appearance of any desk, bookshelf or stand, makes your home more elegant and relaxing (No plant includes in this item!)

✔️ Extensive Uses - This creative flower vase is perfect for office or home décor, dinner parties, holidays, wedding and other special occasions. This light weight cute hand shape vase makes flower arranging fun and easy.
Made in Hong Kong



**In Stock at April's Whim


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