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'LOVE' Intention Bundle - Palo Santo + Rose Quartz

'LOVE' Intention Bundle - Palo Santo + Rose Quartz

SKU: AWSSB202164


'LOVE' Intention Bundle - palo santo + rose quartz.


Set an intention of LOVE with our beautiful palo santo + rose quartz bundle kit.Use the Holy Wood to purify your space, cleanse away negative energy and welcome good vibes in! Program your Rose Quartz with loving affirmations and/or intentions and activate the power of your healing stone. The Hamsa charm can be used as an amulet, to protect you from bad vibes, all while promoting good luck and prosperity.Kit includes:- 2 Palo Santo sticks (measuring approx. 4" long)- 1 Rough Rose Quartz Crystal- Hamsa Charm

Note: Our palo santo sticks are sustainably sourced from ethically harvested farms.


Made by Sacred Sunday.

**Woman Owned, Made in USA, Handmade, Not on Amazon.

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