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Love Is Everything Hardcover Book

Love Is Everything Hardcover Book

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Music, silence, mountains, summer. Love is everywhere! This quiet, reassuring anthem reminds children that the world is full of love, kindness, and beauty. All you have to do is stop and look around. From the sunrise to the sunset and the winter to the spring, love is everything! A universal language filled with joy and wonder that promotes a sense of togetherness and inclusion. Through the soothing repetition of the theme "I believe in the good of all things," Father Goose brings the world a message of hope and encouragement perfect for reminding kids to believe in themselves. 


- Hardcover.

- 15 Color illustrations.

- 32 pages.

Author:  Charles Ghigna, illustrated by Jacqueline East.
Made in China.


The mission at Schiffer Kids is to build the knowledge base for SEED and STEAM learning through content that promotes critical thinking, opens up conversations, and ultimately inspires young minds. Our award-winning titles explore concepts such as managing emotions, forming positive relationships, and making informed behavioral decisions. As a platform for the leading voices in social and emotional education, we support the SEED learning process by elevating their voices.


By Schiffer Kids.

**Family Owned, Independent Publisher, Social Good.


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