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Mini Glazed Pottery Plates

Mini Glazed Pottery Plates



  Mini glazed pottery plates.

There are a number of uses for these sweet little plates.

Cute gift to use for a votive, little delicasies, jewelry, etc. 


-Size: Approximately 4 - 4.5" across.

-Food + Microwave + Dishwasher safe.

-Color: Misc. 

-Choice: Bubbles, Monstera Leaf, Lunar.

-Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.


* Slab built; fired to Cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere. Stoneware pottery. The image transfer is part of the glaze and will not rub off or wash off; it is permanently fused.


Made by Mud & Maker.

**Handmade, Organic, Women Owned, Small Batch, Social Good, Not on Amazon, Eco Friendly, Made in USA.

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