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Montessori Toy for Kids - Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board

Montessori Toy for Kids - Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board

SKU: AWPBrosMonTess2021




**For Ages 3+

Panda Brothers Montessori Wooden Letters Tracing Board -  For kids to learn the English alphabet letters by tracing and playing DEVELOPING & ENTERTAINING The Montessori method of education recognizes that a child’s potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. Therefore, our Wooden Alphabet Writing Board helps your lovely toddler develop writing skills and master letter formation through visual and memory training DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN.

Our Natural Wooden Letters Tracing Board features a specifically designed structure: one side includes the lower case letters for your child’s introduction to writing, while the other side includes uppercase letters to ensure the continued development of reading and writing Set includes:


For Ages: 3+.

Material: Natural Alder Wood.

Size: 15*11*1 inch, the Wooden Stylus of 3.5 inch.
Made in Ukraine.


By Panda Brothers.

We are a brand of unique Wooden Montessori Toys for kids. Our focus is the highest quality of the materials and the understanding of the educational process, in order to provide the best options for children and parents/teachers.


**Women Owned, Handmade, Social Good, Organic, Eco Friendly,Small Batch.

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