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Mountain Retreat Candle Soy/Vegan Hand-Poured

Mountain Retreat Candle Soy/Vegan Hand-Poured


The Mountain Retreat Soy Candle is a perfect addition to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home. With fragrance notes of mountain air, pine, and cedarwood, it will transport you to a serene mountain retreat. Hand poured in Palm Springs, Ca, this candle is made from soy wax, making it vegan-friendly and eco-friendly. The 6 oz size ensures a long-lasting burn time, giving you hours of enjoyment. The simple minimalist aesthetic of this candle makes it a stylish addition to any home decor.

Scent Profile: Mountain Air, Pine and Cedarwood Contains: Soy Wax/Vegan. Fragrance Oil. Essential Oils of Pine and Cedarwood. Charged Tiger’s Eye. Rosemary.

*Burn time is 30-35 hours.

Please follow instructions to obtain the maximum amount of time.


**Do not leave unattended. Keep away from children and pets.


Made by Raven's Hearth.

**Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good, Organic, Women Owned, Small Batch, Made in USA, Not on Amazon.


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