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Personalized Gift Services

Personalized Gift Services





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Sometimes, we need a little help coming up with the perfect gift(s) or another set of hands to package it up and mail it out. I am happy to offer curation services to help you with that. Add this to your cart, and I will be in touch with you! I can help personalize a surprise package to the person 💌 of your choosing.


How this works:

1. Pick out one, two, or a cornucopia of goodies and gifts from April's Whim and add them to the cart and add this service to your cart.

2. Wait for me to be in touch within 24 hours.

3. You can share with me your vision of loveliness you would like your special person to receive ( color, style, theme, occasion). I will wrap, embellish, sprinkle, and add special touches to the packaging. The cost for this service is a $25 flat fee. ( If I need to shop outside of April's Whim or a combination of both please read below).

4. I'll send you photos during the process and when it's all packaged up and ready to go. When you give me a double thumbs up 👍 👍, I will then send your special package is on it's way!!

Other things to know:

I am happy to search outside April's Whim for the perfect gifts. I understand I may not have everything you are looking for!! The cost for this extra service which may include driving to retail establishments/gifts shops is

$25/hr for the first 2 hours. Anything over the first hour will be invoiced to you at a fair rate that we both agree upon 🧡. I am happy to work with you.





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