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Rosie’s Posies | Hardcover Book

Rosie’s Posies | Hardcover Book

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Rosie, a little girl with curiosity as big as all outdoors, discovers the magic of the garden in this delightfully illustrated book for children from three to eight. Her world disrupted by a move to a new place, Rosie learns about choosing seeds, planting, fertilizing, and nurturing flowers and vegetables. After the seeds have sprouted, she plays wonderful games using her imagination to turn the plants into her babies” or her “loyal subjects.”


- Edition 1.

-Hardback binding.

- 34 pp.

- Author: Ramsey, Marcy Dunn.

- Publication date: 2009-07-31.
Made in China.


The mission at Schiffer Kids is to build the knowledge base for SEED and STEAM learning through content that promotes critical thinking, opens up conversations, and ultimately inspires young minds. Our award-winning titles explore concepts such as managing emotions, forming positive relationships, and making informed behavioral decisions. As a platform for the leading voices in social and emotional education, we support the SEED learning process by elevating their voices.


By Schiffer Kids.

**Family Owned, Independent Publisher, Social Good.


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