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SOLAR FLARE Meditation Candle

SOLAR FLARE Meditation Candle

SKU: AWRHSFlCandle23


SOLAR FLARE MEDITATION CANDLE Use this candle to enhance your ritual while working with the element FIRE. Infused with energetic essential oils, herbs and crystals, this candle will heighten feelings of rest, relaxation, joy, sentimentality and the lazy, romantic joys of summer. Contains: Soy Wax/Vegan. Essential Oils of Lime, Ginger, Neroli, Frankincense. Chamomile. Fairy Dust.

4.8 oz.


**Do not leave unattended.


Made by Raven's Hearth.

**Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good, Organic, Women Owned, Small Batch, Made in USA, Not on Amazon.

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