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Taurus Zodiac Perfumette Card Set

Taurus Zodiac Perfumette Card Set

SKU: AWZP2021119



Includes an intention mantra to help spread magical vibes and a mini perfume to charm the air.

Taurus zodiac perfume beautifies as it reflects its Spring season with a lavish floral bouquet. A velvety undertone makes a sensual home for this earth sign. Makeover your day with its pretty vibe.

Mindfully gift this cute Zodiac Perfumette! The mini perfume has about 30 sprays.

This scent is Taurus. Muguet, Heliotrope, Sandalwood.

EARTH  4/20 - 5/20.

Vibe~ Beauty.


I will be having the other zodiac scents in the near future. Feel free to wear other Zodiac signs. They all smell amazing!!



.05 fl oz. | 1.5 ml. | 30 sprays.


Made by Zodiac Perfumery.

**Eco-friendly, Handmade, Organic, Women Owned, Small Batch, Made in USA, Not on Amazon.

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