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The Bird Who Swallowed a Star | Hardcover

The Bird Who Swallowed a Star | Hardcover

SKU: AWSchKBStar22



One night, a bird swallows a star, making him as bright as a diamond. Because of that, nobody wants him around. Except . . . an amazing traveler who crosses the vast desert. Discover how one little bird, who is excluded by all of his fellow animals for being different, is able to find solace and friendship after shedding a few glittering tears. The wonder of what follows and the open ending encourage everyone to let their imaginations shine. The last three spreads are without text, inviting the reader to travel with the new friends on their journey together.



-36 pp.

- 17 color illustrations.

Author: Laurie Cohen; illustrated by Toni Demuro.
Made in China.


The mission at Schiffer Kids is to build the knowledge base for SEED and STEAM learning through content that promotes critical thinking, opens up conversations, and ultimately inspires young minds. Our award-winning titles explore concepts such as managing emotions, forming positive relationships, and making informed behavioral decisions. As a platform for the leading voices in social and emotional education, we support the SEED learning process by elevating their voices.


By Schiffer Kids.

**Family Owned, Independent Publisher, Social Good.


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